Years and years of travelling have
                                                taken me to both classic tourist
                                    destinations and more obscure places. When I set out for China in 2004, I decided to keep an online journal for people to be able to track me down. The page has evolved and changed several times; more destinations have been added, but most importantly, I have had to face that the world wide web is in fact not quite so world wide. Living on a cruise ship i Russia or living in communist Cuba have made keeping a journal up-to-date almost impossible, and  what started as a journal has now become a scrap book.

This webpage serves two purposes: 1. It seems that I have no memory at all, and this way I don't forget where I have been, and what I have done; 2. Hopefully someone will enjoy my trips with me and follow me along the way.
  Around the world in 80 years
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